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Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Book 100 White Flags Minimize

To find out how 100 White Flags can help make your next event a success please contact them via e-mail at:


Why Would I Book 100 White Flags? Minimize

Did you know?

1. They can provide their own sound system that could be used for your event.

2. Jeromy works for a sound production company to ensure quality in sound and lights.

3. The members of the band have performed individually and together at 100's of Junior High and Senior High Youth Events Nation wide.

4. 100 White Flags are not one of those bands that will only play an hour concert of original music.  They provide original music, worship music, singalongs, campfire settings and fit into virtually any niche that you would require for your event.  It's really about providing the venue with what they need for their program.

5. Paul was a Youth Director for 4 1/2 years and brings a lot of experience that is helpful with working with other Youth Directors to understand their needs.

6. Jeromy was an Event Administrator planning Junior/Senior High Youth Events nation wide for several years at a nonprofit organization.  His experience helps with meeting the needs and expectations of other event directors and administrators.

7. The members of 100 White Flags have all had over 8 years of music ministry experience.

8. 100 White Flags focuses on off-stage relational ministry.  They make it a priority to connect to youth and make themselves available to people on and off stage.

9. All the members of 100 White Flags have been professionally trained in Relational Youth Ministry by Youth Encounter Ministries who has been sending ministry teams out for over 45 years.

10. 100 White Flags has played in a large variety of different venues.  From different sanctuaries, gyms, ballrooms, festivals and concert halls, they can adjust volumes to your venue.

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