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Sunday, November 19, 2017

100 White Flags Bio Minimize

100 White Flags officially came together in June of 2006 as members Beth and Jeromy Dorsing, Zac Harder, and Paul Tietjen joined forces to make some music. Both Paul and Beth (Beth Gearhart, Girl With Guitar) have enjoyed successful solo careers, performing nationally, in both concert and weekend youth event venues.

The band started mostly out of Beth's career as a solo artist featured as "Girl With Guitar". Both Jeromy and Zac were a part of GWG on an off and on basis. Featuring mostly songs that have carried over from GWG, 100 White Flags is combining the talents of Beth and Paul as writers to breathe new life into some great songs.

"We are sort of a pop-punk-alternative-folk-rock-regea-rap-country band, " says bassist Jeromy Dorsing. Then Zac threw a drumstick at Jeromy for talking out of turn.

"Actually, we are more of a progressive rock band with a blues and folk influence, " interjects drummer Zac Harder.

The members of 100 White Flags all have similar backgrounds. All 4 members spent time touring the country as a part of a youth ministry team at various times in their lives. With a heart for ministry and a passion for music, 100 White Flags hopes to be able to share music and have fun with the people they meet along the way.


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